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Kindred Clubs and Societies

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Other Sales and Services 

MKN Digital

 Hornby Dublo and Marklin services and spares  

The New Hornby -Dublo New Technical Manual

Hornby Railway Collectors Association  Based in the UK, the HRCA is the largest and oldest Hornby collectors' group.

The founders of the HRCAA shared common aims with the HRCA.


New Zealand Hornby Railway Collectors Association     (You may need to first close some unwanted ads to see these pages.)


Dutch Hornby Railway Collectors Association


Train Collectors Association  Train collecting in the USA, on a grand scale. With links to associated sites.


Train Collectors Society  Based in the UK and covering a range of makes and gauges.


Leeds Stedman Trust   Devoted to products of the Leeds Model Company, 1912 - 1967


Bassett-Lowke Society  Based in the UK, devoted to collecting Bassett-Lowke trains and model engineering items.


Australian Model Railway Association  With links to AMRA state branches and other Australian model railway 

Melbourne Meccano Club With links to other Clubs 

Vintage Toy Collector sites

Websites with particular relevance to Australian collectors of Hornby and other old toy trains.


"Spring, Spark and Steam" This publication is no longer available other than secondhand 


Fitzroy Loco Works   Superb O gauge tinplate models, produced in small batches.


Dublo Australia blog  A site for exchanging ideas, pictures etc.


Glenn Ball Designs  Our journal editor's website. Graphics, posters etc featuring a range of toy trains from Hornby and Australian makers.


Wessex Transfers    Reproduction Transfers for Hornby O gauge trains 

                                Sadly the owner has passed away for more information on existing transfer stocks

                                contact David Cooke by email on


Antique Toy World  Recently re-located but still in Camberwell, Vic.


Trains Planes & Automobiles  recently relocated dee web site for details


Binns Road  A wide-ranging UK site covering trains and other toys. Not Oz but included here as a personal favourite of the webmaster.


Other sites of interest

Model Railroads and Freight Cars   a general site with lots of links to a range of model railway related information 

The HRCAA does not recommend or endorse any of these sites they are provided for information only 

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