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Frank Hornby founder

of Meccano Ltd 

 The H.R.C.A.A. Welcomes you to the world of Classic

Toy Trains, Model Railways & MECCANO products in Australia

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O gauge Princess Elizabeth

HRCAA Inc. is a non-profit, incorporated association; devoted to collecting, preserving and running toy & model trains and associated products produced by  

MECCANO Ltd of Britain. 

MECCANO Ltd was established by Frank Hornby in Liverpool U.K. and produced a wide range of toy and model products including O Gauge Hornby Trains, Hornby Dublo, Meccano and Dinky Toys.

HISTORY section in the main menu above has a more detailed history of MECCANO Ltd and its products.


Classic British

Some members collect  Classic British brands such as Bassett-Lowke,  Leeds Model Company, Milbro, Triang and Modern Hornby Products. Also of interest are and newer compatible products such as ACE Trains and Darstead. 

Some members prefer Australian brands such as Maurlyn, Robilt and Scorpion are popular with some of our members,

European and American while others have a wider range of interest including Marklin of GermanyLionel and Ives of the USA  and Darstead.

O gauge Live Steam is yet another facet of this most fascinating of hobbies.   

The HRCAA has branches in all States and the ACT. There are nearly 400 members, including some from overseas members. Monthly meetings are normally held in members' homes and visitors are most welcome to visit by invitation. You may then be interested in joining the see CONTACT US  in the menu above.  If you would like to know a little more about the hobby of collecting toy and model railways and related products click on the link button


IMG_2163 - Copy (Large) - Copy.jpg

Hornby Dublo Sir Nigel Gresley 

Four Short Videos

of the

Classic Old Style trains we collect.

A Hornby O gauge  clockwork Number 2 special Tank engine retrofitted with a slow running "telegovenor"

Bassett-Lowke Superenterprise live steam 

A small Hornby Dublo layout in Christmas theme

Leeds model Company on display at North Rail Expo 

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